A Boy in the City will be forthcoming from Deep Vellum in July 2022 

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Bent into Myth A Conversation with jayy dodd

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Guest Post/Poet: S. Yarberry Interviews Kiki Petrosino

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Guest Post/Poet: S. Yarberry Interviews S. Brook Corfman

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Guest post/poet: S. Yarberry Interviews Aditi Machado

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Standardizing the Vernacular: Jos Charles Interviewed by S. Yarberry

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S. Yarberry is a trans poet and writer. Their poetry has appeared in AGNI, Tin House, Indiana Review, The Offing, Redivider, jubilat, Notre Dame Review, The Boiler, miscellaneous zines, among others. Their other writings can be found in Bomb Magazine, The Adroit Journal, and Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly. They currently serve as the Poetry Editor of The Spectacle. S. has their MFA in Poetry from Washington University in St. Louis and is now a PhD candidate in literature at Northwestern University.

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ssyarberry at gmail dot com
extended bio

Extended Bio 

for questions & queries
email Smith at ssyarberry at gmail dot com

S. Yarberry is a trans poet and writer.

Their poems have appeared in, or are forthcoming in:

Sequestrum, "My Own Heart," "An Apocalyptic Wanting, Wanting," and "Listen:,” forthcoming 2022

Spectrum, “Tradition” & “Keyhole. Double. Batwing. Donut.,” forthcoming 2022  

Hot Pink Mag, “A Romantic Sonnet,” “New York,” & Television Pilot,” forthcoming 2022 

Annulet: A Journal of Poetics, “Some Thoughts on the Monostich,” 2022 (essay, online) 

AGNI, “Down Below,” 2021, print 

Ruminate, “A Kind of Lightning,” 2021 (online, best of the net nomination)

Pinwheel, “CHAPTER,” 2021 (online

Redivider, “Island of Calypso” (previously, “Enter the Ghost”), 2020 (best of the net nomination)

The Afternoon Visitor, “Icarus” & “Terminal Theatre,” 2020, (online

pulpmouth, “The History,” 2020, (online

Sip Cup, “Self-Portrait” (previously, “Self-Portrait in Orthopedic Black Tie”), 2020, (online)

The Boiler, “Imagine,” “Requiem Circuit,” & “Boyhood,” 2020, (online, best of the net nomination)

Tin House, “This place is called Beulah,” 2019, (online

The Washington Post: The Lily Magazine, “Stepping Out,” 2019

jubilat (V. 34), “A cloak you cannot take off.,” 2019, print

Berkeley Poetry Review (V. 49), “Graphic,” “Anteroom,” & “Letter,” 2019, print

Best Buds! Collective, “The Cave,” 2019 (online)

Indiana Review (V. 41.1), “Sphinx,” 2019, print 

Nat Brut, “You Having Been,” 2019, (online

Sixth Finch, “Trans is Latin for across.,” 2019, (online

DREGINALD, “I despair! I disengage.,” “Emanation Song,” & “Gesture Towards Immortality,” 2019, (online)

Burnside Review, “Automania,”  2019, print

Cape Cod Poetry Review, “Spiral House,” 2019, print

Notre Dame Review, Manifesto / Prologue & “In the Night Harbor,” 2019, print

The Offing, “Intimacy Abstract” & “I kiss the fire in your hands, or City-Builders,” 2018, (online)

FIVE:2:ONE’s #thesideshow, “McDonalds 3 Times” & “Angels in Conversation, 2017

Touchstone Magazine, “She started out as a flame-painting,” 2017, print  

Their articles and interviews have appeared in BOMB magazine, The Adroit Journal, Annulet: A Journal of Poetics, and Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly. Smith’s fiction, an excerpt from their novella in-progress The Balloon Factroy, can be read at 17th Street Review

Smith’s first book of poems, A Boy in the City, is forthcoming from Deep Vellum. Details to come! 

Their work is also anthologized in Queer Voices: Prose, Poetry, and Pride, from Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2019.

They graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 2016 and recently received their MFA in Poetry at Washington University in St. Louis, where they held the Junior Teaching Fellowship in Poetry (2019-2020). They are now a PhD candidate at Northwestern University where they are a Mellon Cluster Fellow in Poetry & Poetics. 

S. is currently the Poetry Editor of The Spectacle and the Poetry Coordinator at the MFA App Review. For questions regarding the MFA App Review, or to get involved, please email them at mfaappreview at gmail dot com. 

They have also taught at The Fir Acres Creative Writing Workshop at Lewis & Clark College and The Loft Literary Center.  

You can preorder A Boy in the City (Deep Vellum, 2022) online HERE.

Reviews & Mentions: 
Poetry Foundation (online)

Past Readings

Open Door Reading Series: Xandria Phillips, S. Yarberry & kiki nicole- The Poetry Foundation (zoom), 2021

Boneshaker Books: Queer Voices Author Event, Minneapolis, 2019

Milkweed Books: S. Yarberry & S. Brook Corfman, Minneapolis, 2019

FOAM: S. Yarberry, Red Samaniego, & Matthew Klane, St. Louis, 2019

Berkeley Poetry Review Launch at Moe’s Books:

Sophia Dahlin, Angel Dominguez & S. Yarberry, 2019

Selected Performer, Crossing the Borders of Creation and Critique Conference, Washington University in St. Louis, 2019

Selected Performer, &Now: New Writing Conference, 2018

Invited Reader, Juicy Fruit Queer Gallery Show & Reading, St. Louis, MO, 2018

Invited Reader & Speaker, “The Body” Reading & Panel Discussion, Washington University School of Medicine, 2018

Invited Reader, Washington University in St. Louis LGBTQ+ Reading Series, 2017 & 2018

Invited Reader, The Loop Arts Festival, St. Louis, 2018

Invited Reader, Intermedia Arts Queer Reading Series, 2017

Invited Reader, 555 Reading, Minneapolis, 2017

Invited Reader, Twin Cities Poetry Festival, 2017